My Routine

As some of you may know I am university student this means that
1. I don't have hours and hours to do my hair
2. I can't keep washing my hair on my wash day because we only have a certain amount of hot water a day

I wash my hair about once every 4-5 days.

My routine is very basic in term time and in general consists of:

I don't really pre-shampoo but the day before I was I will put on more product/oil that normal but thats about it.

I use a non-sulphate shampoo every time I wash. I tend not to co-wash because it leaves my  head feeling itchy, instead I use a tiny bit of shampoo on my roots, I never put it on the length of my hair.

Deep condition
Depending on how my hair feels I will either use a mild protein conditioner or a moisturising one and leave it on for a bit.

Whilst in the shower I detangle my hair with my fingers and put my hair into two braids. I then let this dry over night and straighten my hair if I need to.

Once my hair is straight I do not straighten it again until my next wash. Instead I (hard to explain) moisturise my hair at night then do a plait (but only use two stands of hair rather than three). I normally make this a loose braid so the next day I have loose curls. If my hair isn't straightened I just put it into a bun.

Aphogee pro vitamin leave conditioner.
Aussie heat protectant

Moisture and seal
If my hair is curly I am sure to moisture and seal everyday, when my hair has been heat styled I do this when it is needed which is probably every other day.

Optional extras
Every so often when my hair needs it I will do a hard protein treatment using Aphogee 2 step conditioner. I do this quite rarely now but I still feel it is very important.
Every 10 weeks or so (which is how long a university term is) I clarify my hair using baking soda and follow it with a ACV rinse, I wrote about this here.
Whilst at home from university I may leave deep conditioner on my hair overnight, although I have to be careful with this as it can cause too much moisture.

This routine isn't set in stone and it does change depending on if im at university or at home.

I have not included products because routines are important in terms of their technique not what is used. Also my products change regularly. 


  1. Forgive my ignorance...what is co-wash?

    1. It's washing with conditioner or you can buy a special cleansing conditioner,

  2. Has your regime changes since using the DE system? Do you have to use heat to notice the resultes? how often do you use heat? Are you able to spend less time when you detangle your hair?

    1. Not much, I find my curly hair is a bit smoother but the main results come with heat usage. Detangling is much easier with this treatment.


  3. What do you mean by pre-shampoo?

    1. It's adding a product or oil to your hair before you shampoo it.
      e.g. Olive oil/ coconut oil over night.

      This just leaves hair soft after washing.

      I very rarely do this now days, I'm planning on posting a new updated routine over the next few weeks :)

  4. Hi,
    I've just set out on a new mission to get healthy hair - it's so damaged from wetting it everyday and using so many different products to keep it tame - if I didn't my hair frizzes like crazy and I look like a lion :/ so now it is dangerously dry - completely full of split ends and constantly breaking - It has gone weirdly short at the back also which I HATE! My hair seems a lot thicker than yours - do you think your tips will still work? Would really appreciate some advice :) - Thank you, Saoirse

    1. Yes they should still work. I'd start by having a nice trim to get rid of that damage though

    2. Thank you - yep that is first on my list! Brilliant site btw x

  5. What do I do to get my mix girl texture back , My mother permed my hair when I was young and Ive been trying to go back natural.

  6. What do I do to get my mix girl texture back , My mother permed my hair when I was young and Ive been trying to go back natural.


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